Real estate is still growing: the situation

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In Italy in the fourth quarter of 2017 there was a growth in demand on the housing market : the data of the Bank of Italy certified it, which analyzed a sample of over 1500 real estate agencies scattered throughout the territory.

In the period indicated, the percentage of intermediaries that sold at least one real estate unit rose to 83.3% , recording an increase compared to the last quarter of 2016, when it stood at 80.6%.

The positive trend is also confirmed by the growth of the sector


Which is in any case experiencing a difficult economic situation, and a series of positive signals that bode well for the future, despite the fact that prices do not yet tend to rise again.

2018 should be the year of some important changes: the Research Office of the Tecnocasa Group has in fact forecast for this year a growth in house prices ranging between 0.1% and 2%. Cities such as Milan and Florence show increases of up to 3%, and in many urban areas in the area, prices are still destined to grow, particularly for buildings that meet the criteria of energy efficiency and earthquake resistance.

Reflected in the data relating to the increase


The positive context is also reflected in the data relating to the increase in the possibility for families to access a mortgage. In fact, in the Bank of Italy survey it emerges that only 15.4% (lower threshold since 2009) of real estate agents lost a mandate due to the impossibility for applicants to obtain a bank loan.

Real estate is also growing

Real estate is also growing

The Revenue Agency’s Real Estate Market Observatory recorded a recovery in numbers and several signs of recovery that bode well. These indications, however, must not be thwarted by the inconsistency of the political class: special measures are required, reported in the Real Estate Manifesto, to favor the growth of one of the most important sectors of the Italian economy.

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